Lactuca sativa L.
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Lettuce "Mix of colors" (Barevna smes).
A mixture of six varieties of salads with curly leaves - Zoltan (light green), Karminova (dark red), Roden (dark red), Dubared (red), Dubagold (light green), Roset.
The varieties are suitable for year-round cultivation and are an excellent ingredient in vegetable salads.
Lettuce, like other types of salads, is not suitable for normal storage. Therefore, it is collected gradually as needed. However, its durability can be extended in several ways.
One of them is disassembling the leaves, which are then placed in a microtone bag and stored in the refrigerator. Thus, the salad can be stored for up to one week.
Another way is to gradually remove the leaves from the cut rosette placed in a shallow bowl of water in a cool, dark place.
In this way, the salad is preserved in the required quality for 12-24 hours. However, the storage loses its crispness.
1 gram = 800-1000 seeds.

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