Calendula officinalis
Brand: MoravoSeed
Packaged:1,5 g (130 s)
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Double marygold Art Shades (mix).
She is clearly counting on increased interest in her person, so she tries her best to keep her festive outfit from the end of June until frost. Dense, densely doubled caps of unusual shades rise above strong stems. Due to its endurance, cold resistance and early flowering, it allows you to get a "decorative material" for decorating terraces, balconies, pots, flowerpots and does not get tired of blooming and delighting until late autumn.
Height 60 cm. Flower diameter 7 cm.


Eng.: Pot marigold, garden marigold, marygold. Suom.: Kehäkukka. Sven.: Ringblomma, solsocka.

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