Calendula officinalis
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Double marigold "Orange with Black centre".
The main advantage: the size and unique shape of the flower, which is easy to confuse with chrysanthemum... Excellent decoration of flower beds, containers, balcony boxes and excellent cut for bouquets: does not lose its decorative effect for 1-2 weeks.
SOWING: April - for seedlings for planting on a balcony, May - for planting in open ground.
After 2-4 weeks after germination, the plants are thinned out or seated at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Any garden soil, sunny or semi-shaded location is suitable for calendula.
Care: regular watering, top dressing. The first top dressing is carried out a week after planting seedlings or thinning, then they are fed every 10-14 days with a complex mineral fertilizer. To prolong flowering, wilted inflorescences are removed.
Flowering: from late June until frost. Calendula goes well with blue ageratum, delphinium, rudbeckia, zinnia.

Engl.: Pot marigold, Garden marigold, marygold. Suom.: Kehäkukka. Sven.: Ringblomma, solsocka.

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