Cucumis melo L.
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Melon "Lolita".
An unusually productive dessert variety.
Early ripening: 50-60 days from emergence. The fruits are round, yellow, with a dense net, weighing 1.5-2 kg.
The pulp is creamy, thick, tender, very juicy and sweet, melting, with a harmonious aroma and a long aftertaste.
Value of the variety: highest yield, amazing juiciness and sweetness, high resistance to disease.
Recommended for direct consumption, making preserves, jams, and candied fruits.
Sowing: March - April (for seedlings), May - June (in open ground).
Before sowing, the seeds are treated in a solution of potassium permanganate and then washed with clean water.
Seed sowing depth - 2 cm. Distance between plants - 50 cm. Distance between rows - 50 cm.
Planting seedlings: at the stage of 3-4 true leaves, when the threat of frost has passed.
After planting the seedlings in a permanent place, the plant is formed: the main shoot is shortened over the 2-3rd leaf and the side shoots - over the 6th. Does not tolerate frost (at temperatures below +15°C, plant growth stops).
As the plants grow, they form into one stem, removing side shoots and leaving 2-3 ovaries on it (the rest are removed). Two leaves are left above the ovary the size of a walnut. The fruits are placed in a net or stocking and tied to a support. Further care consists of moderate watering, loosening and fertilizing.
Harvesting in Estonian climatic conditions: September.

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