Cucumis melo L.
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Melon "Portoalto" F1.
Mid-early hybrid (80-85 days from disembarkation of seedlings).
Fruits are oval, yellow, weighing 4.0-5.0 kg. The flesh is thick, firm, crispy, aromatic and very sweet.
The value of the hybrid: disease resistance, high beta-carotene content.
Recommended for fresh use, making desserts, candied fruits, jam.
In areas of unstable farming, it is recommended to grow under a film shelter or in greenhouses on trellises.
After 5-6 leaves, the stems are pinched, 3-5 fruits are left on the plant. Watering is stopped 10-15 days before ripening.
1,0 g = 15-25 seeds.

Eng.: Melon. Suom.: Hunajameloni. Sven.: Sockermelon. Bot.: Cucumis melo L.

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