Mirabilis jalapa L.
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Four o'clock ''Variegatis mix'' - Mirabilis jalapa.
A perennial plant cultivated as an annual in Estonia.
The flowers of this amazing plant emit a delightful aroma and attract many moths and bees trying to find nectar in the depths of long tubular corollas. The bushes are elongated and rounded, up to 90 cm tall. The flowers are funnel-shaped, up to 2.5 cm in diameter, open in the afternoon and remain open until the next morning. Blooms from June to the end of September.
Mirabilis is a heat-loving, drought-resistant plant. Prefers well-cultivated loamy or clayey, lime-containing soils in well-lit, sunny areas. The plant does not tolerate acidic soils.
Sowing: seeds are sown in a garden greenhouse or immediately in a permanent place when the threat of frost has passed (1.0 g = 9 seeds).
Care: consists of regular watering, loosening, weeding of areas. It is also recommended to periodically fertilize with complex mineral fertilizer. It must be remembered that during prolonged drought, the plant stops development and flowering.
When cultivating mirabilis in a perennial culture, it is necessary to dig up its tubers for the winter and preserve them, like dahlia tubers.
Mirabilis jalapa is an amazing plant for sunny areas, recreation areas where the whole family gathers in the evening. It looks like an inconspicuous herbaceous bush - nothing special. But this is at first glance, because when small “plates” bloom, the garden is instantly filled with a wonderful aroma on throughout the night...

Eng.: Marvel of Peru, four o'clock. Bot. syn.: Mirabilis lindheimeri (Standl.)

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