Raphanus sativus L. subsp. acanthiformis
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Radish - daikon "ALABASTER" F1.
A hybrid summer variety intended for the fresh market and medium-term storage. The roots are long, 40 - 45 cm, cylindrical. The skin is white and the head of the root does not turn green. The flesh is white with a mild radish taste. Planting should be carried out from mid-July to mid-August. The recommended plant spacing is 30 x 15 cm. Due to root length growing in ridges is recommended. The growing time from sowing to harvest is 75-85 days.

Daikon Jaapani rõigas

Eng.: Oriental Radish. Suom.: Japaninretikka, hamadaikon. Sven.: Daikonrättika.Bot.:aphanus sativus L. subsp. acanthiformis

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