Cucurbita pepo L.
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Decorative pumpkin "Mini Turban" (mixture).
A bright decoration for your garden!
Stems-vines reach a length of 3 meters, densely braiding the provided support.
The leaves are emerald, five-lobed, large. The fruits are orange, turban-shaped, resembling a Turkish turban in shape...
Agricultural technology.
For cultivation, open sunny areas with fertile neutral soils are preferred, where it will grow quickly and form dense foliage.
It is used as a vertical plant for landscaping hedges and arbors, and as a ground cover for various parts of the garden.
Ripened fruits are an excellent material for floristic compositions.

Eng.: Ornamental pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikurpitsa, "talvisquash". Sven.: Prydnadssquash.

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