Catharanthus roseus
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Madagascar periwinkle "Tattoo Black Cherry" - Catharanthus roseus.
An elegant annual plant.
The variety is characterized by early flowering, large-flowered, compact, highly branched form that does not require shaping, high resistance to heat and drought.
Plant 15-25 cm high, flowers up to 5 cm, cherry-red with a white "eye".
Very grateful plant, blooms profusely until frost. Prefers full sun and watering, drought tolerant.
The seeds of the catharanthus sprout quickly and amicably: there are no problems with growing its seedlings.
Grown in flower beds and containers. For the winter, the plant can be brought into the house or conservatory and grown as an indoor plant.

Eng.: Madagascar periwinkle. Suom.: Katara, punatalvio. Sven.: Rosensköna. Bot. syn.: Ammocallis rosea (L.) Small, Lochnera rosea L., Vinca rosea L.

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