Capsicum annuum L.
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Hot pepper "Poseidon".
A very early variety of hot pepper.
Elongated, conical, horn-shaped fruits are bright red and spicy-aromatic when ripe. Used as a condiment, it can be stored uncut at any stage of maturation.
One plant produces 20-25 fruits. The optimum temperature for germination of pepper seeds is +22+25 °C. Seeds germinate in 14-22 days.
Can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.
1.0 g = 120-160 seeds.

Eng.: Chile Pepper, Hot pepper. Suom.: Chilipaprika (Tulinen pippuri). Sven.: Chilipeppar (Het peppar).

* Water in the greatest quantity is necessary for pepper during the fruiting period. With a lack of moisture in the soil, some of the buds and ovaries fall off, the yield decreases. 
Pepper is very picky about air humidity. Lower humidity, accompanied by increased temperature, causes the flowers and ovaries to fall off. Watering should not be frequent, but always plentiful.
Pepper is very rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C (it is not inferior to lemon and black currant). It is enough to eat a small piece of raw sweet pepper, only 30-40 g, to satisfy the daily requirement of a person. The important thing is that this vitamin in pepper does not break down for 70-80 days. Mature fruits contain vitamin C 289-324 mg/100 g, in fruits of technical ripeness it is 3 times less.
However, they should be used with caution, especially in diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys, as they contain a lot of essential oils and coarse fiber.

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