Beta vulgaris L. var. conditiva.
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Beetroot "Bordeaux 237".
The best variety for all regions!
Mid-early variety: growing season 70-120 days. Root crops are round and round-flat, weighing 230-500 g. Immersed in the soil at 1/2 height.
The pulp is dark burgundy, juicy, tender. Excellent taste. Marketability and shelf life are excellent. Heat resistant.
Growing conditions.
Seeding: V.
Transplant: V.
Harvest: VIII-IX.
Before sowing, seeds are soaked in water for a day (1,0 g = 40-55 seeds). Sowing - in organic-rich loamy or sandy loam soil.
The planting depth, depending on the soil type, is 2-4 cm. The optimal temperature for seed germination is +22+25°C.
Placed on loose, deeply cultivated soils. Thinning in the phase of 2-3 true leaves.
The crop requires moisture during the growth period and is resistant to elevated temperatures.
Productivity: 7-9 kg/m2. The variety stores well. Intended for use in the autumn-winter period.

* Scientific research has confirmed the high healing properties of red beets.
It has been established that fiber, malic, citric and other biogenic acids contained in beets enhance intestinal motility, betaine promotes the breakdown and absorption of food proteins and is actively involved in the formation of choline, which increases the vital activity of liver cells. Therefore, it is recommended for chronic constipation, digestive disorders and liver diseases to consume it boiled on an empty stomach, 100-150 grams per day.
Beet juice, especially when mixed in equal parts with carrot and red beet juice, helps against anemia, and in general it is a general tonic that improves metabolism.
Beetroot juice mixed with honey is used for hypertension and as a sedative. The relatively high content of iodine and magnesium makes beets necessary in the diet of elderly people and patients suffering from atherosclerosis. But the most amazing effect of red beets is on cancer cells.
In the book “Red beets as an additional therapy for patients with malignant tumors” published in Heidelberg, an ancient university center in Germany.
A. Ferenczi describes 28 cases of curing patients with cancer of the stomach, lungs, rectum, and bladder with grated raw beets and its juice. In all of them, with the exception of one, after two to four weeks there were objective signs of improvement in their general condition: a decrease in temperature and ROE, weight gain, improvement in blood composition and a decrease (or disappearance) of a malignant tumor.
Further scientific research has shown that the basis containing the substance that affects cancer cells is anthocyanins - coloring compounds from the group of plant phenols. It turned out that anthocyanins from other plants - blueberries, black currants, black elderberries, St. John's wort and red wine are also able to stop the development of cancer cells. True, red beets, according to experiments, are eight times more effective.
Moreover, in their natural composition, isolated pure anthocyanins, as shown by special studies conducted by the Pharmaceutical Institute in Budapest, do not have healing properties. Both boiled beets and boiled beet juice do not have them, or have too little effectiveness.
Fresh juice, as it turns out, is three times more effective than stale juice.
To these words we can add the following observation: it is a good idea to keep freshly squeezed beet juice in the refrigerator for three hours, after which it is much better absorbed by the body. (Of course, after refrigeration, the juice should be warmed to room temperature).
So, beets are an extraordinary vegetable with healing properties. Eat more of it boiled, if possible, prepare a salad to which you add fresh beets, drink the juice, and you will be protected from many serious diseases.
Beets also help out in case of radiation injuries - they have the ability to remove radioactive substances from the body (by the way, boiled beets also retain this ability). Red beets remove poisons and heavy metals (lead, mercury) from our body.

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