Silene alpestris Jacq.
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Alps Campion "Starry Dreams" - Silene alpestris.
Originally from the eastern part of the Alps and from the mountains of the Balkans.
Forms compact cushion thickets, growing up to 10-20 cm in height. On fork-shaped, branched stems there are shiny, green, lanceolate leaves.
Blooms in June-August with white flowers. It develops in loose, humus, calcareous and moderately moist soil. Tolerates sunlight and partial shade.
Propagated by dividing rhizomes and cuttings. Used in dry rocky walls, among low group plantings of perennials.

Silene alpestris

For the rockgarden.
Flowering season: Juni-August.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4-Z8.
Height: 15-20 cm.
Colour: white.

Silene alpestris Alpi põisrohi

Eng.: Alps Campion. Suom.: Alppikohokki. Sven.: Alpglim. Bot.syn.: Heliosperma alpestre (Jacq.) Rchb.

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