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"Roundup G" - herbicid.
"Roundup" is a continuous action herbicide for the control of thistle and other long-lived weeds, in the inter-rows of fruit and berry orchards, for cleaning roads in non-agricultural areas. 
Roundup kills annual and most perennial weeds in the garden and on non-growing surfaces such as gravel, walkways, driveways, decks, patios, patios, garden strips and lawn edges. It can be used to clear areas of weeds before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as to renew weedy areas. It takes approximately 2 weeks to completely destroy the weeds and root system.
Active ingredient: glyphosate 120 g/l.
Release form: aqueous solution.
How does it work? First of all, you need to understand that it acts only through the leaves of weeds (only through green leaves!), being absorbed and transmitted by plant juices directly to the root system, which then “safely” dies...
It works best on grass, naturally, during its intensive growth.
Of course, it is necessary to spray only in calm weather so that the drug does not “fly away” onto nearby cultivated plants (this is very important).
If you are spraying around a fruit tree, for example, then use a sprayer end nozzle with side bumpers, which will prevent drops from falling on the leaves of the plants you need.
What else is important to know:
* Of course, be sure to read the instructions for using the drug in detail...
* After spraying, you cannot disturb the soil for at least 2 weeks: you cannot plow it, cultivate it, etc. (if you plow the soil after a week, the roots of the weeds will not die completely and then they will begin to grow again.
* There should be no rain for 6 hours after spraying. This is very important, because if it rains an hour after spraying, it will simply wash away all the work and the herbicide simply will not have time to act... Therefore, keep track of the weather forecast for the coming hours and days - for example, on the website www.ventusky.com (for anyone region of the planet).
* By the way, use “green soap”, which will significantly improve the adhesion (sticking) of the herbicide, which will allow you not to worry about the fact that random drops of rain will wash away the active substance within an hour.
* Small and easy to control annual weeds (up to 10-15 cm in height): 1 cap (20 ml) per 1 liter of water (solution treatment area: approx. 20 m² (1 ml/m2).
* Large perennial weeds: 1.5 capfuls (30 ml) per 1 liter of water (solution treatment area: approx. 20 m² (1.5 ml/m2).
* Large and problematic weeds, for example - nettle and sedge: 2 caps (40 ml) per 1 liter of water (area treated with working solution: approx. 20 m² (2 ml/m2).
* Lawn restoration: 2 caps (40 ml) per 1 liter of water (area treated with solution: approx. 20 m² (2 ml/m2).
* Stumps of trees and shrubs: 3 caps (60 ml) per 40 ml of water (Treat the stump with a 60% working solution immediately after felling the tree over the entire surface of the cut. Be careful with the types of trees/shrubs/hedges that you want to preserve, so how the roots can touch).
Recommendations for use.
Use the lid of the measuring cup to prepare the working solution.
As a precaution, it is advisable to use waterproof gloves and boots.
AFTER USE: rinse the sprayer three times with clean water and spray the rinse water onto the previously treated area. Also rinse the empty container three times with clean water and pour the rinsing water into the prepared working solution.
Store only in original packaging.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep away from food, drinks and animal feed.
S20/21: Do not eat, drink or smoke while working.
Environmental hazard: do not expose the device or its packaging to water (do not clean the device near surface water, avoid contamination through agricultural and road runoff).
To avoid transfer of the product to lawns and other essential plants, do not walk on treated areas until the product has dried on the leaves.
Storage conditions: avoid freezing the drug. Minimum storage temperature -10°C. When properly stored, the product has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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