Coconut pellets (45 mm)
Brand: Seklos
Packaged:10 tk.
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Seedling сoconut tablets (diameter 45 mm, peat free, 100% coco, pH 6.0), compact pack of 10.
The best choice for gardeners when propagating plants.
Coconut fiber has good air and moisture permeability: it is in such conditions that young plants develop best, they form a developed root system.
In addition, the composition retains moisture well, but does not allow plants to "catch" a fungal disease.
The mesh with small cells helps the tablet to keep its shape, but, at the same time, does not break when the size of the “filling” increases.

Instructions for use:
1. The pellet must be well saturated with moisture. To do this, put the tablet in a container of warm water.
2. In order for the tablets to absorb moisture well, they must be left in water for 10-15 minutes. During this time, they will increase in size by about 5 times, while maintaining their shape thanks to the mesh material of the shell.
3. Remove the tablets from the water and place them on a flat surface with the side with the hole in the non-woven lining facing up. The tablet is ready to use. Prepared seeds should be laid out in 1-2 pieces. If the seed is too small, you can use, for example, a toothpick.
4. Top up with water as needed: don't overfill, but don't let the tablets dry out either.

* Coconut tablets are an environmentally friendly product - they have proven themselves and have been a low-cost way to obtain high-quality planting material for many years.
Designed for sowing seeds and rooting cuttings with sensitive root systems, as well as for crops that require a high level of aeration, substrate porosity and neutral pH.
After soaking, the discs swell and create excellent conditions for the development of seed roots and seedlings. The sheath mesh surrounding the substrate is a container and at the same time allows the roots to germinate. The air permeability of the shell provides a natural "pruning" of the roots growing from the substrate, and allows them to develop intensively inside the enclosed space. This solution greatly increases the efficiency of root formation and thus shortens the rooting period.
An additional advantage is the possibility of transplanting immediately after the appearance of the first roots (appearing outside the shell), without waiting for the formation of an intertwined root ball.

In peat tablets, the pH ranges from 5.4-6.2. Whereas in coconut tablets it is almost neutral (equal to 6.0).
This is not given importance, since both options are suitable for all garden and domestic plants.
But if you have to grow seedlings of crops that are demanding on acidity, you should prefer coconut tablets.

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