Artemisia absinthium L.
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Wormwood (absinthe) - Artemisia absinthium.
This perennial herb is the perfect blend of beauty and health! The most bitter of the most bitter plants.
A bush 0.5-1.5 m high with delicate silvery leaves and a strong aroma will delight you all season.
In addition, wormwood lends itself well to cutting. 
And the useful properties of wormwood simply cannot be counted:
- bitter wormwood is used in cooking as a seasoning (in moderation);
- in folk medicine as an analgesic, improving digestion and fighting a variety of diseases medicine;
- in beekeeping - to combat bee diseases;
- as an insecticidal agent for insect control.
- bitter wormwood secretes phytoncides that destroy pathogenic bacteria.

Sowing: very unpretentious, not demanding on the soil, drought and frost-resistant, does not tolerate waterlogging.
She prefers open places, and it is advisable to plant her away from other vegetables and flowers in your garden (since wormwood secretes the phytoncide absintin, which has a depressing effect on neighboring plants and their seeds).
Wormwood seeds germinate at + 20 ° C in two weeks, the seedlings are cut into a greenhouse or nursery according to the 5 x 5 cm scheme.
Sowing is carried out in a wide-row method, the seeds are planted to a depth of 0.5 cm.
Planting seedlings: Seeds are sown in open ground at the end of April.
Care: seedlings are thinned out. Further care consists in rare watering (only in extreme heat) and top dressing.
Bitter wormwood blooms in July – August.
Wormwood bushes are very pleasant to perceive, smell good, especially in dry weather and on a sunny day.

A plant that cleanses the body of toxins - absinthe.

Eng.: Absinthe, wormwood. Suom.: Koiruoho (Mali). Sven.: Äkta malört.

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