Tagetes erecta L.
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African marygold "Orange Fantastic".
And again, nature amazes us with its ingenuity and gives new marygolds an amazing shape and colour.
The variety of marigolds "Fantastic" is generous in flowering and will appear before you in all its glory in early June. Plant height 70 cm. Flower diameter 10 cm.
The flowers have an incredible aroma and do not lose their decorative effect for more than two weeks.
Thanks to its resistance to bad weather, the bush perfectly holds its shape and deserves a central place in the garden.
Sowing: late May in open ground to a depth of 1.5-2 cm (to accelerate flowering - for seedlings in April). Seedlings are thinned out, maintaining a distance between plants of 15-20 cm.
Seedlings are planted outdoors when the threat of frost has passed. The distance between plants is 20-25 cm.
Care: one of the most undemanding crops to care for. They prefer open sunny places, but also grow in partial shade. Undemanding to soil and moisture.
For good growth and flowering, young plants need to be watered and fed (two or three top dressings with an interval of 7-10 days).
When the marigolds grow, watering should be stopped, but feeding should be continued (with an interval of 10-14 days).
Flowering: June to frost. To prolong flowering, faded flowers must be removed.
Marigolds pair well with daisies, calendula, rudbeckia, cosmea, and pelargonium.

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