Tagetes erecta L.
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African marigold "Fantastic" (mix of colours).
Original chrysanthemum flower shape!
Tall marigolds with large and densely double inflorescences-baskets (Ø9-11 cm). The bushes are strong, branched, up to 70 cm high, with a pronounced main shoot and many peduncles. Flowering earlier, from the beginning of June, abundant and long. Each inflorescence does not lose its decorative effect for up to two weeks. Plants are unpretentious, light and heat-loving, drought-resistant, well tolerate the effects of wind and rain.
Used for group and single plantings in flower beds, flower beds and discounts. Great for cutting.
Agricultural technology.
Grow seedlings. Sowing is carried out in the first half of April. Seedlings appear 4-8 days after sowing, seedlings dive in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Seedlings are planted in late May-early June. It is possible to sow seeds in open ground in May to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.
For good growth and flowering, plants need to be watered and fed (2-3 top dressings with an interval of 7-10 days).
When the marigolds grow, watering should be stopped, but feeding should be continued (with an interval of 10-14 days).
Flowering: June to frost. To prolong flowering, faded flowers must be removed.
Marigolds pair well with daisies, calendula, rudbeckia, cosmea, and pelargonium.
Marigolds are grown both by sowing in the ground and by seedlings. The second way is preferable, providing the longest flowering and immediately, after planting, making the flower garden decorative. Seedlings appear 5–7 days after sowing, after another couple of weeks the seedlings dive, which favors good growth of the root system and the production of strong plants.
The value of marigolds is also in the fact that they significantly heal the soil.

Marigolds are especially relevant if:
* The site is young, land reclamation measures have not been taken, fertile soil has not been brought in, or the soil is depleted.
* The place is absolutely open and it is difficult for other flowers to grow under the constantly scorching sun.
* Strong winds blow across the site.
* You do not have the opportunity to regularly water the plants, loosen the earth, covered with a powerful crust, fertilize.

Eng.: African marigold. Suom.: Isosamettikukka. Sven.: Stor tagetes.


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