Rheum alexandrae Batal.
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Alexander`s rhubarb - Rheum alexandrae.

Location: can grow both in the sun and in partial shade.
Soil: all rhubarb plants are hardy plants, but require fertile, deeply cultivated soil with lime added. Landing pits should be large and well filled. Landing is done in autumn or early spring.
Propagation: usually by seeds and division of rhizomes. Sowing is done with freshly harvested seeds in open ground. When spring sowing, cold stratification is necessary for 1-2 months. Seedlings dive into the ridges. Two years later, young plants are planted in a permanent place, maintaining a distance between plants of up to 100 cm. They bloom in the third year. They hibernate without shelter. The division of rhizomes is carried out in the fall, without even digging up a bush. The place of the cut must be sprinkled with crushed coal.
Use: as a decorative foliage for single and group plantings, backgrounds in mixborders.

Rheum alexandrae
Alexanders rhubarb.

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