Aster alpinus L.
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Alpine aster "Multicolor" (mix of colours) - Aster alpinus.
Compact perennial aster with abundant flowering. Very easy to grow!
A perennial semi-shrub and unpretentious plant, characterized by abundant flowering with very compact proportions. Inflorescences - single baskets 2.5-3 cm in diameter.
The main condition for successful cultivation is to provide a well-permeable alkaline soil containing calcium and a sunny location (otherwise, this aster will not stay long in your area ...)
Alpine aster is characterized by compact growth and abundant flowering. It can grow even in the taiga zone of Russia.
Propagated by seeds, sowing in open ground on ridges. It can be propagated by dividing the bush, as well as ground shoots.
For successful cultivation of the alpine aster, it is necessary to constantly update or divide the curtains by about the third year, since with age the plant thickens greatly and begins to partially fall out.
Most often used for borders, groups in the foreground, in mixborders, on alpine slides. Varieties differ, as a rule, in more abundant flowering.
Seed requirement: 0,5 g = 100 plants. 1,0 g = 700-800 seeds.

Eng.: Michaelmas Daisy, Aster alpinus, Suom.: Alppiasteri. Sven.: Alpaster. Bot. syn.: Diplactis alpina (L.)

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