Fragaria vesca var. alpina
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Alpine strawberry "Dream" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina.
A remontant, high-yielding variety with early ripening: it bears fruit continuously throughout the season (from June to October).
The bushes are compact, with a large number of peduncles.
The berries are very aromatic, weighing 4-5 g.
Winter-hardy and drought-resistant. Suitable for pot culture.

The dream of any gardener: to have high-yielding strawberries that ripen earlier than other alpine varieties, with continuous fruiting throughout the season. Plants of this variety have a compact bush and produce large berries of beautiful shape and bright colour, 2-3 cm in diameter, with a very rich aroma of wild strawberries. Already in the year of sowing, more than five flower stalks with aromatic berries are formed. The variety is characterized by high winter hardiness, resistance to drought and many diseases and pests. Can be grown as a pot crop.

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