Fragaria vesca var. alpina
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Alpine strawberry "Rujana".
Treats for kids all summer long!
Early ripe. Remontant grade, continuously fructifies from the beginning of summer to autumn frosts. Quickly forms a large bush, almost no mustache forms.
Fragrant and beautiful berries are characterized by excellent taste.
The variety is productive, grows well in the sun and in partial shade, is resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Growing conditions.
Seeds when sowing do not close up, cover the seedling box with glass.
At the optimum temperature of +18+22ºС shoots appear in 14-21 days.
Picking in phase 1-2 of this leaf.
Sowing seeds: February - April.
Transfer: May - June.
Harvest: June (2.3) - October (1).

Alpine Strawberry. Bot.: Fragaria vesca var. alpina.

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