Amaranthus tricolor L.
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Amaranth (pigweed) "Calaloo Red Leaf".
Healthy high-protein greens for salads and soups.
An early ripe variety (from germination to consumer ripeness of 70-80 days), 40 cm high, is a source of easily digestible vegetable protein.
The young shoots are harvested all year round and used for salads and other dishes like spinach.
You can sow directly into the ground in April-May or grow pre-seedlings in March, April.
Throughout the stem of the plant are densely leafy shoots. The leaves are green with red veins, the inflorescence is erect. Productivity of greenery up to 3 kg/m2.
Amaranth is picky about heat and light, but picky about the soil: it grows on any, including acidic, sandy, alkaline. Easily adapts to various growing conditions. Tolerates autumn cold.
The variety is recommended for use as a salad crop, in cooking. Young, tender, juicy greens are used in salads and cooking, for making drinks. Flowering plants are dried and used in teas, as natural dyes, food additives.
Harvest from August to November.
In 1 gram up to 1500 seeds.

It is important to know that vegetable and grain varieties of the plant must have light seeds. If you found dark seeds, then the amaranth is decorative. This type of shiritsa is not recommended to be eaten.
Amaranth is a cross-pollinating plant. Both cultivars and varietals with wild-growing and varietal species can interbreed with each other. (It is for this reason that amaranth should be grown from seeds purchased from a specialized store).

Eng.: Amaranth, pigweed. Bot.: Amaranthus tricolor L.

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