Callistephus chinensis L.
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China aster "Paeony Yellow".
Plants of this group of asters are very early, have a pyramidal type of growth, 50-80 cm in height.The diameter of the inflorescences is up to 14 cm.
The heads of the inflorescences consist of a large number of petals, tightly pressed and curved towards the middle.
The branching of plants begins even underground, so this variety is ideal for cutting - you can get 8-12 stems from each plant.
Aster is a cold-resistant (withstands short-term frosts), light-loving plant that prefers well-drained and rich in organic matter soils, without the introduction of fresh manure.
Asters can be planted in their original place no earlier than after 6 years. 
To avoid bacterial wilting, it is necessary to sow in sterile soil (spill with boiling water) and sow seedlings as early as possible. 
It is necessary to avoid damage to the roots (the plant can be affected by fungal diseases) and waterlogging of the soil, and also make sure that aphids do not appear. The earlier the seedlings are planted, the better the quality of the stems and the higher the yield.
Sowing: for seedlings from March to April indoors in boxes according to the scheme: 6 x 6 cm, to a depth of 0.5 cm.
Seedling soil: 1/7 peat, 1/10 sod land, 1/10 sand, 1/10 mullein. Germination: 7-14 days at + 15 ° С (water sparingly with warm water). For 1-2 weeks before planting, it is recommended to harden the seedlings by lowering the temperature to + 10 ° C. From May, seedlings (aged 60-65 days) are planted in open ground according to the scheme: 30 x 30 cm. Seeds are sown in open ground until early June (pre-soaked for a day in a solution of growth stimulants, washed, dried).
Top dressing is made:
1) in the phase of 2 true leaves;
2) a week before landing in open ground;
3) during the formation of inflorescences.
Bloom: from mid-July to September.
If the seeds are planted under a film in June, then the plants will bloom in September (the flowers will be a little smaller, but they will bloom at the same time). When sown in December / January, the plants bloom from mid-May.

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