Callistephus chińensis L.
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Aster "Gala" (mix).
Beautiful aster for cutting with strong peduncles. The bush is pyramidal, 70-80 cm high. Each plant produces 10-12 strong peduncles.
The inflorescence is large, densely double, spherical in shape, and more than 10 cm in diameter. The petals are slightly twisted along the length into tubules and bent inside the inflorescence.
The value of the variety series is early and abundant flowering and disease resistance.
Sowing: open ground (under the film) at the end of April, followed by thinning of seedlings.
Asters are sown for seedlings in late March - early April. Crops are grown at a temperature of +15+18°C.
With the advent of the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive according to the 6 x 6 cm scheme. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May.
The distance between plants is 20 cm for undersized, and 30-35 cm for tall varieties.
Asters prefer a sunny, wind-sheltered location, with well-drained and fertilized soils, but without fresh manure.
Care consists of regular watering, careful loosening and top dressing.
Flowering: July-September.

China aster.

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