Callistephus chinensis
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Dwarf aster "Pinokkio".
A wonderful aster, it retains a high decorative effect in the garden for a very long time!
The plant is pyramidal in shape, strong and stable, about 20-30 cm high. Daisy-shaped inflorescences, numerous. Flowering is long and abundant from August until frost.
They are used very widely: for planting in prefabricated flower beds in groups, for ridges - in rows, for borders. They keep fresh for a long time when cut.
Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers an open sunny place but tolerates partial shade. Grows best in light, fertile soils. Does not tolerate the introduction of organic fertilizers in the year of planting.
Seeds are sown from mid-February to April. The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +20°C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day.
After 3-4 weeks, the seedlings dive and grow at a temperature of +12+15°C. Seedlings are planted in the ground in the second half of May, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm.

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