Callistephus chinensis
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Aster "Princess Salmon".
Plants 60 cm high. Pink inflorescences, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. Blooms in August-September.
They are used very widely: for planting in prefabricated flower gardens in groups, on beds - in rows and for cutting.

Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers an open sunny place but tolerates partial shade. Grows best in light, fertile soils. Does not tolerate the introduction of organic fertilizers in the year of planting. Seeds are sown from mid-February to April. The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +20°C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. After 3-4 weeks, the crops dive and grow at a temperature of +12+15°C. Seedlings are planted in the ground in the second half of May, the distance between plants is 20-30 cm.

Life cycle: annual (unlike the so-called real asters - perennial).
Growing conditions: in the open and protected ground.
Usage: cutting.
Seeds: 450 seeds per 1 gram.
Finished product yield: 1000 plants from 5 g of seeds.
Sowing varieties intended for cutting are carried out 2-3 weeks earlier than low varieties (they are usually used for decorative purposes). For cutting in open ground, it is sown in late February-March. For cultivation on a cut in the protected ground - all year round. To obtain non-flowering seedlings in May, they are sown from March to April. For flowering in August-September, sown in late April-May. Sown in seed boxes or seedling pots in heated greenhouses or in a heated room, using sterilized, well-drained soil, the seeds are slightly covered.
Germination: within 7-14 days at a temperature of +19+21°C. Growing seedlings: for the first 7 days maintain a temperature of +20+21°C, then lower it to +16+18°C. For good growth of seedlings, the length of the day should be 14-16 hours a day (if the daylight hours are shorter, then artificial lighting is used). Feed once a week with complex soluble fertilizers. The soil is not waterlogged.
Disembarkation: 4-6 weeks after sowing. In the greenhouse, they are planted immediately in the ground, in open ground - in mid-May.
Planting pattern: 25x25 cm (in a greenhouse), from 25x25 cm to 30x45 cm (outdoor).
Soil: light, fertile, with neutral acidity.
Watering: in dry weather - plentiful, but waterlogging of the soil should be avoided.
Nutrition: feed with complex mineral fertilizers with an interval of 10-12 days. In autumn, humus or compost is added for digging (2-4 kg per 1 m2). Before spring digging - superphosphate (20-40 g), ammonium sulfate (15-20 g), potassium salt (15-20 g).
Care: timely watering, weeding and loosening.
Flowering: from July to late autumn. Flowering begins 100-130 days after sowing. Plants are cut when the inflorescences are fully opened.

Eng.: China aster. Suom.: Kiinanasteri. Sven.: Sommaraster.

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