Brand: ZAS
Packaged:1,5 ml
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ATLET®, BP (600 g/l chlormequat chloride).
Growth regulator of vegetable, flower, ornamental crops.
• Prevents overgrowing of seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbages, flowers. Forms a highly developed root system.
• Increases the duration of flowering and improves the decorative qualities of potted flower crops and shrubs.

Mechanism of action.
Athlete penetrates plants through leaves (spraying) or roots (watering). The drug slows down the growth of the aerial parts of plants, causes shortening and thickening of the stem, increases the width of the leaves. Plants redistribute nutrients. Most of the nutrients enter the roots, causing their enhanced growth.
The drug is applied by spraying (until drops drip from the leaves) or watering under the root. Processing is carried out with a freshly prepared solution. Dilute the contents of the ampoule (1.5 ml) in water in accordance with the table (in the attached instructions).

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