Solanum melongena L.
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Eggplant "Gobi" - Solanum melongena L.
Popular mid-early variety: the period from full germination to the beginning of technical ripeness of the fruit is 85-95 days. The plant is 50-60 cm tall.
The fruits are oval-round in shape and dark purple in colour. The length of the fruit is 15-20 cm, diameter 4 cm. The pulp is light green, very tender and tasty.
Value of the variety: high productivity, very beautiful shape and colour of fruits, excellent taste, long-term preservation of commercial qualities.
Recommended for use in home cooking and canning. Great for grilling.
Eggplant seeds are planted in late February - early March. The temperature when growing seedlings is maintained before germination at +25+28 °C, after germination - 18 °C during the day, and at night not lower than +14 °C. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the plant is picked. Seedlings are transplanted into open ground when the threat of frost has passed. Planting density - up to 5 plants per sq.m.
Further care consists of regular feeding, weeding and loosening.
1.0 g = 260 seeds.

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