Solanum melongena L.
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Aubergin "Vera" (eggplant).
Very popular in Siberia.
Early ripening variety with large fruits. The period from germination to technical ripeness is 100-120 days. High-yielding.
The bush is compact, 70-75 cm high. The fruits are pear-shaped, 15-20 cm long, weighing 145-200 g.
The colour at technical ripeness is bright purple with a characteristic light stripe under the calyx. The skin is thin. The pulp of the fruit is white, tender, without bitterness and without voids.
Designed for cultivation in greenhouses and open ground. Recommended for culinary processing and canning.

* Forming a bush and obtaining your own seeds.
To form a compact bush with well-developed side shoots, it is necessary to remove the top of the main stem when the eggplant plants reach a height of 25-30 cm. Pinched plants will quickly begin to branch. Of all the shoots that appear, only the top 4-5 (stepchildren) are left, and the rest are removed. A harvest will form on the shoots left behind. In this case, 6-8 fruits are left on the eggplant plants. In hot, humid weather, pinching (especially the lower stepsons) is a mandatory measure, and vice versa, in hot, dry summers, plants are not pinched. In this case, the leaf mass will protect the soil under the bush from evaporation. When the plants reach a height of 25-30 cm, their apical growth points are removed. Pinched plants are left with 3-4 side shoots. Insufficiently complete pollination of flowers can cause the appearance of non-standard (crooked) fruits. To prevent this, it is necessary to apply artificial pollination of flowering plants, i.e. in hot, sunny, quiet weather, lightly shake the plants.
To obtain eggplant seeds, it is necessary to leave two or three fruits on the plant; the remaining flowers and small fruits are removed in order for the seed fruits to form faster. Fruits that have reached full maturity are cut off and left for 6-10 days in a warm place. The cut fruits are cut, the pulp is separated along with the seeds into a glass jar and left for 4-5 days to ferment. Then they are washed with water and the clean seeds are dried at a temperature of +28+30°C for two weeks.
Seeds are stored for up to 5 years in a paper bag in a warm, dry place.

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