Solanum melongena L.
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Aubergine "Black Russian" F1 - Solanum melongena.
Large-fruited, early-ripening hybrid with record yield - 8-9 kg/m2!
Fruit harvesting begins 55-60 days after planting the seedlings. The hybrid sets fruit well even with strong temperature changes.
The plants are tall. The fruits are large - they gain a weight of 200-300 g (maximum up to 900 g!). The pulp with a small amount of seeds, without bitterness, is white, dense and tender.
There are no spines on the calyx. This hybrid variety is very resistant to fungal diseases.
1.0 g = 200-260 seeds.
Eggplant prefers sandy and loamy fertile soils rich in organic matter.
The best predecessors: onions, carrots, pumpkins and legumes. Grown through seedlings. Seeds are sown in the second decade of March. In the phase of 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings dive.
Transplant seedlings into the ground at the age of 60-70 days, when the threat of frost has passed. Planting density - up to 5 plants per 1 m2. In the phase of one true leaf, the seedlings dive.
After the appearance of side shoots, 3-5 of the strongest ones are left, and the rest are pinched. Further care consists of regular feeding, weeding and loosening. At the end of August, 5-6 of the largest ovaries are left on the plant, the remaining ovaries are removed.
In the northern regions, eggplant can only be grown in protected soil - in film greenhouses, hotbeds and under temporary film shelters.
Before planting, the soil must warm up to a temperature of at least +20°C.
The eggplant planting pattern is approximately 60-70x30-40 cm.
Before planting, the holes must be well watered, and the eggplants must be carefully removed from the container and planted without being buried.
1,0 g = 200-260 seeds.

Heirloom eggplant, Non-hybrid, Untreated, Non GMO. 

Eggplants: 3-4 pcs.
Balsamic vinegar: 3 tablespoons.
Garlic: 3-4 cloves.
Vegetable oil: 2 tablespoons.
Salt, spices, fresh herbs: to taste.
How to cook:
1. Wash the eggplants, cut into rings (about 1 cm thick).
2. Chop the garlic. Mix it with balsamic vinegar and oil, grease the eggplant rings with the resulting marinade.
3. Grill the eggplant rings.
4. It is better to add salt after frying the eggplant to preserve its structure and juiciness of the pulp.
5. The finished eggplants need to be cooled slightly.
They taste perfectly with tomatoes and cheese. You can add fresh herbs and spices.

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