Aubrieta x hybrida
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Аубреция Лейхтлина - Aubrieta x hybrida.
Creeping, ground cover plant (up to 10 cm high), forming dense "cushion curtains" with numerous, bright pink-lilac flowers, up to 1 cm in diameter. Especially decorative during abundant flowering.
The plant is unpretentious and winter-hardy, grows well on moist, drained soils, in open sunny places, tolerates light shading.
Blooms in the second year. Perfect for decorating slopes, rocky hills, borders.
1.0 g = 2000-2500 seeds.

Eng.: Aubrieta. Suom.: Tarharistikki. Sven.: Aubrietia. Bot.syn.: Aubrieta×cultorum Bergm.

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