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Bactofit is a biological preparation for combating diseases of vegetable and flower crops, guaranteeing production of environmentally friendly and safe products. Promotes the development of beneficial microflora without causing habituation in phytopathogens.
“Bactofit” is a microbiological preparation (fungicide and bactericide) used against plant diseases. Its main active ingredient is the bacterium Bacillis subtilis (strain IPM-215). Bacteria of this type synthesize a substance that inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi.
The drug "Bactofit" is available in the form of a wettable powder. The working fluid is prepared according to the instructions immediately before spraying. The drug suppresses pathogens within the first day and retains its protective properties for 7–20 days. Treatment is carried out in the morning or evening, with a wind of no more than 4–5 m/sec.
"Bactofit" is effective against bacterial and fungal diseases of vegetable, medicinal, flower, fruit and berry crops. When processed in accordance with the standards specified in the instructions, the drug is safe for humans, domestic animals, bees and aquatic organisms. Suitable for use in the sanitary zone of fish farms. In addition to spraying, the drug is also used for soaking roots (2 minutes) and planting material (10–30 minutes), and watering the soil of bushes during their growing season.
Bactofit is a biological preparation intended to combat fungal and bacterial plant diseases: powdery mildew and root rot of vegetable and grain crops, cabbage bacterioses, late blight of potatoes and tomatoes, powdery mildew on fruit and berry crops, diseases of flowers and medicinal crops. Has growth-stimulating properties.
Bactofit is used for pre-sowing treatment of potato tubers and seed dressing. When planting seedlings in a permanent place, the roots are dipped in a Baktofit suspension. During the growing season, plants are sprayed and watered at the root. These measures are carried out for preventive purposes and to suppress pathogens. To achieve high efficiency, treatment should be carried out with a sprayer with a fine spray of the working solution, thoroughly covering the leaf surface. When spraying, the working fluid is periodically mixed. In case of severe spread of the disease, repeated treatments are recommended at intervals of 5-7 days until a positive result is achieved.
BACTOFIT can be used at any phase of plant development.
The use of Baktofit does not lead to sanitary pollution of soil, air and wastewater. BACTOFIT has no cumulative properties.
Waiting period (time from last treatment to harvest) 1 day.

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