Phaseolus vulgaris L.
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Dwarf french bean ''Berggold''.
High-yielding, medium-early variety of asparagus beans of medium early ripening (55-60 days).
Beans 10-12 cm long, golden straw-yellow in color, rounded on the cut, without a parchment layer and hard fiber, very juicy, with an incredibly delicate taste.
The grain is white. Bush height up to 40 cm.
It is recommended for using both blades in the phase of milky-wax ripeness, and grains in biological ripeness. Suitable for preservation and freezing.
Agricultural technology.
Prefers nutritious, well-moistened soils, does not tolerate fresh manure.
Sowing in open ground is carried out in late May - early June in well-warmed soil (at least + 15 ° C). Planting pattern 50 x 15 cm, embedment depth 2-3 cm.
A seedling method of growing is possible: sowing in separate pots in early May, planting in the ground in early June.
Care consists in regular loosening of the soil and watering, it requires a garter to a support.
Harvesting is done selectively as the beans mature.

* To date, breeders have bred many varieties of this plant ...
Large white beans, resembling shells, are cooked for the longest time - almost an hour and a half, but at the same time, they surprisingly retain their shape.
The taste of this variety is unimaginably creamy. These beans make a beautiful soup, and mixed with corn or vegetables, they will act as an excellent side dish.
NB! A decoction from the pods of beans greatly lowers blood sugar!
1,0 g = 3-5 seeds.

Eng.: Dwarf french bean. Suom.: Taitepapu. Sven.: Buskbrytböna. Bot.: Phaseolus vulgaris var. nana L.

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