Cimex lectularius
Brand: MKDS
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"Magnet Bed Bug".
Single sided adhesive sheet - Bed bug (Cimex lectularius) trap and monitoring tool.
The sticky trap is designed for mechanical protection against bed bugs - it acts as a barrier, preventing insects from crawling.

* There are 4 traps in the package.
* Easy to use.
* Does not contain insecticides and pesticides.

Magnet Bed Bug, Sticky trap, liimpüünis

Peel off the backing paper and place traps under all legs of a bed or sofa (for best results, remove wall-mounted furniture).
The trap works until its entire area is covered with insects (in a dusty environment, efficiency decreases).
! If bedbugs are found in the room, use contact insecticides to actively destroy parasites.

Sticky traps, liimpüünised lutikate vastu, ловушка для постельных клопов

Sticky trap for bed bug, liimpüünis voodi lutikatele


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