Natural bioactive peat extract
Brand: Seklos
Packaged:500 ml
Ex Tax: 6.95€
Natural, biologically active peat extract for strong and healthy growth. Humic substances are strongly biologically active. Do not exceed the specified norms.
Purpose: accelerates growth, increases and enriches flowering, positively affects the formation of flower buds, increases yield, stimulates the development of the root system, improves nutrient absorption, increases plant resistance to unfavorable growth conditions.
Use: mix 5 ml (1 cap) of concentrate with 1 l of water. Treat plants every 10-14 days from the beginning of vegetation.
Composition: NPK 0.01-<0.001-0.2 (nitrogen (N) -0.01%, phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) - <0.001%, potassium oxide (K2O) - 0.2%) organic matter - 0, 3% humic acids - 0.5% pH 9.
Packaging: 500 ml.

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