Foeniculum vulgare Mill. ssp. vulgare var. azoricum
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Common fennel "Orion" F1.
High-yielding hybrid variety. The vegetation period is 85 days. It forms white, fleshy tubers.
Fennel is the closest relative of dill, more like anise by taste and odour.
Tubers can be added to salads or soups and tubers and leaves can be dried as useful spicing dishes all winter.
Seeds are added to salted or canned vegetables. Grow well in fertile, rich soil.
1,0 g = 180-270 seeds.

A perennial herbaceous plant 150-200 cm high. There is a common vegetable (or sweet) fennel. The latter is grown in order to obtain a thickened part of the stem.
Fennel is the closest relative of dill, and its taste and smell are most reminiscent of anise. In the summer, fennel leaves can be used in place of dill, and in the fall, the stalks can be added to salads or soups.
Stems and fennel leaves can be dried and seasoned throughout the winter. Seeds can be put in pickled or canned vegetables.
Fennel is placed on fertile loamy soils, in open, sunny places. Propagated by seeds. They are sown in mid-May-early June to a depth of 2 cm, according to the scheme 50-40 cm, at the rate of 0.8-1.0 g/m2.
Care consists of thinning, loosening row spacing and top dressing. In vegetable fennel with a thickening of the stem, hilling is carried out. It is cold-resistant, but without snow, it can freeze, so in the fall it is covered with manure or humus. During the dry season, this crop requires watering.
Harvesting begins when the plants reach a diameter of 10 cm.

Eng.: Bitter fennel, common fennel. Suom.: Maustevenkoli, salaattifenkoli, saksankumina. Sven.: Sötfänkål. Bot. syn.: Anethum foeniculum L., Foeniculum capillaceum , Foeniculum dulce Mill., Foeniculum foeniculum (L.), Foeniculum officinale All., Foeniculum panmoricum DC., Foeniculum piperitum (Ucria), Foeniculum vulgare Gaertn.

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