Nigella sativa L.
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Black caraway (Black cumin) - Nigella sativa.
Sedana, nigella, black cumin, Roman coriander. Annual herb, 30-50 cm high. In folk medicine, tea is prepared from nigella and is drunk as a diuretic, choleretic, anthelmintic, mild laxative and gastric remedy. Nigella seeds are used to treat skin diseases, to increase the secretion of mammary glands in nursing mothers. They have a spicy taste and pleasant aroma. As a spice, seeds are used for pickling cabbage, pickling cucumbers, watermelons. Nigella is flavored with pudding, mousses, compotes, jellies.
It is also planted as an ornamental plant: greenish-yellow or bluish-white flowers up to 5 cm in diameter look amazing against the background of finely dissected openwork leaves of delicate color. Blooms in June-July, seeds ripen in September-October. On top of that, she is a good honey plant.

Eng.: Black caraway, Roman coriander, Black cumin, Nutmeg flower. Suom.: Ryytineito, Mustakumina. Swed.: Svartkummin, kalonji, vilda lökfrön. Bot. syn.: Nigella cretica Mill.

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