Vigna sinensis var. sesquipedalis
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Chinese Long Bean (Blackeyed peas).
A high-yielding variety for growing with supports in open ground and film greenhouses. The plant is powerful, climbing, up to 3 m high. Beans 30-100 cm long: green, narrow, straight, without a parchment layer. The seeds are oval, small. During the season, you can collect 4.5-5 kg of tender beans from each bush.
The value of the variety: original shape (“spaghetti”), long fruiting period, high protein and microelements content, excellent taste of beans.
Sow in sunny places in light porous soil. Sprouted seeds with a high protein content are used as food, which can be boiled and canned. High fiber content helps balance insulin and cholesterol.
Normalizes digestion and kidney function. Indispensable in the diet for obesity and diabetes.
Used in cooking in boiled, fried, canned, frozen, sprouted form.

Eng.: Chinese Long Bean. Bot. syn.: Vigna chinensis ssp. sesquipedalis. Dolichos sesquipedalis L., Vigna sesquipedalis (L.) Fruwirth, Vigna sinensis var. sesquipedalis (L.) Asch. et Schweinf.

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