Thunbergia alata L.
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Black-eyed susan vine - Thunbergia alata.
Liana for rooms and balconies!
A herbaceous liana plant up to 2.5 m high with large, showy flowers of rich yellow-orange tones, decorated with a black eye, which stands out clearly against the background of dark green, arrow-shaped leaves.
Thunbergia is widely used for decorating supports and pillars, as well as for decorating balconies, terraces, winter gardens and as a houseplant.
Sowing: seeds are sown for seedlings in February-March on the surface of a moistened and compacted substrate, lightly sprinkling the seeds with soil.
Crops are sprayed from a spray bottle and covered with glass. Seedlings appear at a temperature of +18+20°C for 15-21 days. Seedlings dive at the stage of 2 true leaves. Seedlings are planted in the ground when the threat of frost has passed.
Prefers sunny, warm places, if possible not in the wind.
Plant care comes down to regular watering and fertilizing.
Blooms in August-September (further plants from the street can be moved indoors).
1,0 g = 35-40 seeds.

Eng.: Black-eyed susan vine. Suom.: Mustasilmö. Sven.: Svartöga.

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