Thunbergia alata L.
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Black-eyed Susan Vine (mix of colours) - Thunbergia alata.
Creeper for rooms and balconies, great for arches and hanging baskets, for creating flower fountains.
Herbaceous perennial liana with curly pubescent stems of the Acanthus family. Outdoors cultivated as an annual. Leaves up to 7 cm long, triangular, pubescent. Flowers of various bright colors, from white and pink, to yellow and orange with a dark center (up to 5 cm in diameter), solitary, which appear from May to autumn.
Homeland - the tropics of Africa.
Thunbergia is widely used for vertical gardening, decorating low hedges, as well as for decorating balconies, terraces, winter gardens and as a houseplant.

Agricultural technology.
Very easy to grow. Photophilous. Grows well in rich, moist soils containing lime. For the winter, you can dig up and keep at a moderate temperature and watering in a well-lit room, while the tunbergia blooms earlier and blooms more abundantly.
Sowing: for seedlings in February-March on the surface of a moistened and compacted substrate, lightly covering the seeds with soil. Seedlings appear at a temperature of +18+20°C for 15-21 days. Seedlings dive at the stage of 2 true leaves. In open ground - when the threat of frost has passed, the distance between plants is 50 cm.
Care: plentiful watering, weeding, loosening and top dressing 2 times a month. For better branching, seedlings are pinched over 3-4 pairs of leaves. Winged Thunbergia needs supports that it could wrap around. Prefers sunny, warm places, if possible not in the wind.
Blooms in August-September (further plants from the street can be moved indoors).

Thunbergia alata
Black-eyed susan vine.

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