Scorzonera hispanica L.
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Black Salsify "Duplex" - Scorzonera hispanica.
A perennial, dietary vegetable. Grows well in sandy loam or light loam, humous soil. Can endure a winter if left in the soil.
The crop is harvested in late autumn or in early spring. Roots, if layered with sand, can be stored in a basement during winter.
Nut taste, valuable and tasty roots are used as food. Suitable for fresh consumption, frying, stewing and drying.
Please note that ... Root crops contain inulin, vitamins C, B1, B2, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus salts.
They have a sweetish taste and can replace asparagus. They can be stored as well as carrots and beets throughout the winter. They are very useful in dietary nutrition.
1,0 g = 90-100 seeds.

Eng.: Black salsify. Suom.: Mustajuuri. Sven.: Svartrot. Bot.syn.: Scorzonera crispatula Boiss.

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