Borago officinalis L.
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Beebread (Burrage, Borage, Star-flower) - Borago officinalis L.
Delicate and juicy greens for salads with a pleasant smell of fresh cucumber!
An annual, herbaceous and cold-resistant plant, combining vegetable and decorative qualities: the period from germination to harvesting for greenery is 38-45 days.
Plants up to 1 m high, erect, strongly branched, weighing 90-100 g. The leaves are large, and fleshy, with a pleasant cucumber aroma.
1,0 g = 50 seeds.

Borago officinalis Harilik kurgirohi Common borage, beebread, burrage, star-flower, talewort Purasruoho, kurkkuyrtti Gurkört stofferblomma Огуречная трава Бораго

Eng.: Common borage, beebread, burrage, star-flower, talewort. Deu.: Borretsch.

Borage grass.
Its young shoots and leaves are used fresh and dried as a seasoning for vegetable dishes, for canning and pickling.
In folk medicine it is used for joint rheumatism, edema, and heart weakness.

* Once upon a time, borage was known as a source of vigor and fearlessness. Roman warriors in ancient times even composed a song about this: “Fortified with cucumber grass, I always walk boldly.
Perhaps this meant that borage protected soldiers from scurvy and also had a beneficial effect on digestion. Later, the Crusaders loved drinks infused with borage leaves and flowers. Borage was eaten salted and candied, in seasonings and botvinya.
His flowers "were used everywhere to make the heart feel lighter, worries disappear, and the state of spirit to rise". Perhaps they wanted to emphasize the joy that a person experiences from eating an early fragrant vegetable. After winter, a vegetable with the smell of cucumbers appeared on the table. Simply amazing!

Borage. The herb is used for medicinal purposes.
Borage contains mucus, tannins, vitamins, silicon, fatty acids, resins, and traces of essential oil. Preparations from the aerial part of the plant have anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing, wound-healing, enveloping, analgesic and expectorant properties.
In folk medicine, an infusion of borage grass and flowers, prepared at a ratio of 1:10, is widely used. The infusion is used as a sedative for neurasthenia, heart neuroses, rheumatism, kidney inflammation, diseases with a feverish state, skin diseases, and also as an enveloping and expectorant for various lesions of the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract.
The juice of the plant is a fairly effective remedy for neuroses and neurasthenia. It is used 1-2 tbsp. l. 3 times a day.

* Salad with borage.
Disassemble the washed salad (1.5 cups), chop, add onion (1 piece), chopped into rings, borage (1 cup), salt, pepper, lemon juice (1 tablespoon) or vinegar, vegetable oil (1 tablespoon ), stir, cool before serving.
* Okroshka with borage.
Finely chop young borage leaves (5-6 pcs.), grind with the yolk of a boiled egg (2 pcs.).
Watercress leaves (4-5 pcs.), mustard leaves (1-2 pcs.), green onions (50 g), parsley (50 g), dill (50 g), also chop, add chopped boiled potatoes (1 pc. .), egg whites (2 pcs.), boiled meat or sausage (50 g), sour cream. Pour kvass (1 l).

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