Borago officinalis var. alba
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Borage "Snow White".
An interesting variety of borage with white flowers. Borage is an excellent ingredient in vitamin salads. This is an annual crop with a cucumber taste and an appetizing fresh aroma. The plant is used not only in cooking - it is a valuable honey plant with medicinal and decorative qualities. The height of the bush is about 50 cm, the leaves are large and fleshy. The first greens are picked 40-50 days after germination. Productivity 1.5-2 kg/m2.
The entire plant is covered with fine gray hairs and has a cucumber smell. For planting it prefers sunny or semi-shaded areas. Gives high yields on nutritious and sufficiently moist soil.
It is used in folk medicine to treat rheumatism, gout, skin diseases, as a sedative, laxative, diuretic and for the treatment of bronchi. Young leaves are used in the preparation of salads, okroshka, and cold borscht. The flowers can be dried, candied and used as dried fruit.
Sowing to a permanent place. The seedlings are thinned out, using the “surplus” for food. To obtain young greenery, re-sow every 2-3 weeks. 1,0 g = 50 seeds.

Eng.: Common borage white, beebread, burrage, star-flower, talewort.

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