Vicia faba L. var. major Harz
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Broad bean "Aguadulce Supersimonia".
Beans are just a storehouse of vegetable protein, mineral salts, vitamins, calcium and iron.
Mid-early (from germination to technical maturity 71-89 days) variety. Plants are medium leafy, 1.1-1.2 m high.
The beans are long, wide, strongly curved, green in technical ripeness. The grains are large, elongated-oval, white.
Cold-resistant, moisture-loving and light-loving culture, grown on any soil, under any weather conditions. Planting beans repel Colorado beetles and moles, enrich the soil with nitrogen.
The value of the variety: super unpretentiousness of cultivation, excellent taste qualities of unripe grains. They are eaten fresh, boiled and canned.
Recommended for diet food.
Agricultural technology.
The culture is cold-resistant and photophilous. Placed on moisture-intensive, light loamy and organic-rich soils.
Sowing is carried out with both dry and pre-soaked seeds.
Embedding depth: 6-7 cm - on light soils, 3-5 cm - on heavier soils.
Shoots begin to appear within two weeks after sowing.
Optimum temperature for plant growth: +20+22°С.
Seedling care: timely watering, weed removal, soil loosening, protection from pests and diseases.

Broad Bean porridge (Cretan recipe).
1/2 kg broad beans, 1 onion, olive oil, salt, pepper.
Soak the beans in water for 8 hours (or preferably overnight), then drain and remove all skins.
Boil the beans in 3-4 cups of water over high heat for about an hour, then grind them in a blender along with the broth.
Put the mixture back into the pan, add the grated onion, salt, pepper, a little oil and continue cooking until a thick cream is obtained.
The porridge is served with butter and coarsely chopped onions.

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