Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.
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Broad beans "Dragon" - Vicia faba L.
Baby and diet food.
Very early variety: from germination to technical ripeness 73-84 days.
Plants are tall, 1 m or more in height, white flowers, large beans, with thick fleshy valves, 15-17 cm long.
The grains are creamy white, large and very tasty.
Variety value: unpretentious cultivation, grown on any soil in all weather conditions, cold resistance, high taste.
It is the best predecessor for any crop as it enriches the soil with nitrogen. Excellent honey plant.
Planting beans scares off Colorado beetles and moles.
Used in home cooking, canning and freezing.
In terms of calorie content, broad bean seeds are 3 times higher than potatoes. Recommended for dietary and baby food.
1,0 g = 1-2 seeds.
Sowing time: May.
Harvesting: July, August.
Planting method: open ground.
Plant height: 60-100 cm.
Plant spacing: 15 cm. Row spacing: 40 cm.
In order for the crop to arrive for a long time, sowing is carried out at several times.
If the grown grains are eaten raw, then the beans are harvested when the seeds are in the phase of milky ripeness and reach the maximum size for a given variety.
The crop is harvested in 3-4 doses at intervals of 8-10 days. 
The bean plants are broken by hand, being careful not to damage the plant. The yield of unripe beans on average is about 1 kg, and of unripe grains - 0.4 kg per square meter. m.
If the crop is harvested once, then you can cut off all the plants (or pull them out by the root), tie them into sheaves and dry well. After drying the plants, separate and thresh the beans. 
Then dry and store in a dry, dark place in linen bags or paper bags.
(By the way, beans with a black color are stored for an especially long time, without losing their qualities and germination).

Eng.: Broad beans. Bot.: Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.

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