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Burgundy mixture (especially for flower growers instead of "Bordeaux mixture").
Does not leave stains on the leaves!
Florist's kit: used for spraying flowers grown in greenhouses and outdoors. An indispensable assistant for the flower grower.
The set contains copper sulfate 100 g and soda ash 125 g.
Application: to prepare 10 liters of working solution, you need to dissolve 100 g of copper sulfate and 125 g of soda ash. First, dissolve 100 g of copper sulfate in 5 liters of water and 125 g of soda ash in 5 liters of water in a separate container. Then slowly mix the soda solution with the copper sulfate solution.
Shelf-life Unlimited.

* Copper sulfate is the oldest and most effective means of protecting fruit trees, shrubs, grapes and other plants from various fungal diseases. The most important component of copper sulphate is copper, which is an essential trace element for most plants and animals. More than a century of experience in the use of copper sulfate confirms its harmlessness to plant growth.
The most common and proven fungicide is the Bordeaux mixture (Bordeaux mixture), which is prepared by mixing an aqueous solution of copper sulfate and a suspension of freshly slaked lime. In this compound, lime is used as a neutralizer of free sulfuric acid contained in copper sulphate, as well as an adhesive that ensures a relatively long-term presence of dried copper sulphate crystals on leaves and shoots of fruit plants and shrubs. In addition, the lime suspension provides the surface tension of the Bordeaux liquid on the surface of the sheet, evenly distributing copper molecules on it.
For the future, the Bordeaux mixture is not prepared, because during storage, suspended particles stick together and settle rather quickly, so it becomes unusable.
Along with the indisputable advantages, the Bordeaux mixture also has disadvantages, unfortunately ...
When mixing the Bordeaux mixture, its filtering is a mandatory and rather inconvenient procedure, performed in order to avoid lime clogging of the nozzle of the sprayer of the spraying device.
In this sense, a more successful preparation is the Burgundy mixture, which uses soda ash instead of lime. Unlike lime, soda ash, like blue vitriol, dissolves in water almost without residue, which gives the Burgundy mixture a number of advantages over Bordeaux mixture.
First of all, the Burgundy mixture adheres much better and stays longer on the treated plant surfaces. For better adhesion of fungicidal preparations to plant leaves, milk or skim, silicate or casein glue, soap can be added to working solutions.

Why can any of the listed substances be added to the Burgundy liquid, which is prepared from copper sulfate and soda ash, and soap cannot be added to the Bordeaux liquid, which is prepared from copper sulfate and a suspension of slaked lime?
Answer: the calcium contained in the Bordeaux liquid forms insoluble compounds with soap, which clog sprayers in the form of sticky lumps. There is no calcium in the Burgundy liquid, so soap can and should be added to it for stickiness.

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