Butterfly flowers mixed
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Butterfly flowers mixture.
The world around will become happier from the abundance of colorful flowers and beautiful butterflies!
A special bright mixture of annuals 50-100 cm high and inflorescences 2-7 cm in diameter. Bright flowers of various shapes look like a carpet of the most exquisite colors.
They will delight with delightful shades all summer long and attract butterflies and bees to the garden. These charming guests, collecting nectar and fluttering from flower to flower, attract the eyes of children and adults, allowing them to get in touch with nature...
Such a garden is easy to create by sowing this mixture.
Agricultural technology.
Seeds are sown in May-June. Before sowing, the soil is leveled, loosened and lightly rolled. Sow in calm weather in moist soil.
Mix the seeds with sand in a ratio of 1:3, spread over the sown surface and sprinkle with a 1 cm layer of earth or peat. It is recommended to protect the crops with a covering material before germination. It is important to monitor soil moisture and timely carry out small-drop watering. For a more lush, friendly and long flowering, top dressing is recommended in the initial stage of flowering with a complete mineral fertilizer.

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