Calendula officinalis
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Pot marigold "Green Heart" - Calendula officinalis.
Unusual coloring! Original cut!
A large bright orange flower decorated with a green core 50-60 cm high. An excellent cut for exclusive bouquets with an abundance of inflorescences on numerous shoots.
Growing conditions. When sowing, the seeds are sprinkled with a light substrate. Germination for 5-7 days, the optimum temperature is + 21 ° C.
The culture is unpretentious and cold-resistant, placed on any garden soil, location - sunny or partial shade. For better tillering, pinch the tops of the shoots.
Sowing seeds: April-May, September-October.
Transfer: May (3) - June (1).
Bloom: June-September.

Eng.: Pot marigold, marygold. Suom.: Kehäkukka. Sven.: Ringblomma, solsocka.

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