Сampanula glomerata var. dahurica
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Clustered bellflower dahurica "Odessa" - Campanula glomerata var. dahurica superba.
Unpretentious, frost-resistant and drought-resistant perennial. Good for cutting.
Flower colour: dark violet.
Natural flowering period: June - August.
Flowering plant height: 40-50 cm.
Soil requirements: dry, well-drained, alkaline, medium nutrient.
Winter hardiness zones: Z2 - Z7.
1.0 g = 8650 seeds.

* Daurian bell is an evergreen perennial plant that naturally grows in the European part of Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, Western Europe and Scandinavia (grows in meadows, forest glades, in bushes, in the mountains).
The stems are straight, simple, sometimes slightly branched, 30-60 cm tall, pubescent, like the leaves, with soft hairs. The flowers are dark purple up to 2 cm in diameter, in apical and axillary capitate inflorescences up to 20 pcs.
After flowering, the stems die off along with rosettes of basal leaves, but before that, many new rosettes form, and the plant continues its life, and it grows so strongly that it can drown out neighboring plantings. In culture since 1561.
Prefers a sunny location and light soil. Can tolerate partial shade. This bell is propagated by seeds and division of rosettes in the fall.
In addition to planting in flower beds, this species gives an excellent cut. Propagated by sowing seeds or dividing bushes.
Good partners are alpine aster, boreal chickweed, evening primrose.

Clustered Dahurian bellflower.

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