Campanula medium L.
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Canterbury bells "Cup and Saucers" (mix) - Campanula medium calycanthema.
Bluebell is beautiful in various flower arrangements and makes an elegant cut material.
The plant forms a bush of a pyramidal shape 70-80 cm high. Large pink flowers are collected in pyramidal inflorescences. Blooms in June-July.
The interesting shape of the flower resembles a cup and saucer. The flowering is very rich, the plants are completely covered with bells, which makes an absolutely irresistible impression ...
Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers fertile, well-drained soil, a sunny position protected from the winds. Sowing of seeds is carried out at the end of May in open ground. There are 4500 seeds in 1 g.
At a temperature of +20°C shoots appear on the 14-20th day. Seedlings are dived into spare ridges according to the scheme 15x15 cm.
By autumn, the plants are planted in a permanent place, maintaining a distance between them of 30-40 cm. They bloom in the 2nd year after sowing.

Eng.: Canterbury bells, cup and saucers. Suom.: Maariankello. Sven.: Mariaklocka, kopp och fat.

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